Suicide Bomber


Lets an ingame player make themselves explode in a certain amount of seconds, killing them and whoever's near.


Source Code

  1. //config
  2. '/arm''/disarm'//no touchy
  3. //explode playa
  4. //"mother do you think they'll drop da bomb?"
  5. //mock me
  6. 'Ignition!'//where I am
  7. //kill me first
  8. //"Cannot the kindgome of salvation take me home?"
  9. //be a badass and shoot nades in all directions, credits for iDante for making this
  10. //be a pussy and shit 100 grenades out
  11. {
  12. for i := 1 to 100 do
  13. CreateBullet(PlayerX, PlayerY, 0, 0,100, 2, PlayerID);
  14. }//every second...
  15. //is this person's time over?
  16. //ok, is it almost over?
  17. 'You have '' seconds of life out of hell left'//do we want to arm the bomb?
  18. //set timer to the number of seconds..
  19. //tell me how to abort
  20. 'You have '' seconds to live. Press '+disarmCMD+' to cancel.'//ah fuck it. I'd rather live than be blown to bits. Wait, I'd like to be blown...
  21. //save me!
  22. //take away my countdown
  23. //tell me
  24. 'Bomb disarmed.'