JRG Stats

A web based Soldat statistics program by jrgp. Uses mysql for database. Parses killogs generated by the Soldat Dedicated server to provide many of the features that U13SSS and Zitrostats have.



  • Very customizable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Pages load very fast
  • Generates statistics for players and weapons
  • Automatically generates signature images for players
  • Parses kill logs fast


  • A dedicated Soldat Server set to generate logs
  • Local or FTP access to the log folder
  • A webserver (preferably apache under UNIX, but others should work)
  • At least PHP 5
  • A modern version of MYSQL
  • If you want signature images, you must have php compiled with the GD library


v1.6 (10/01/2007)

  • Fixed SQL Structure bug where kills with Stationary Gun get screwed
  • Enabled support for stationary gun kills

v1.5 (9/23/2007)

  • Update script extremely optimised
  • Ability to get logs via ftp
  • First non beta release

v1.4b (9/19/2007)

  • Much better update script
  • Optimized SQL queries
  • Signature Image Support
  • Random bug fixes
  • Various Optimizations
  • Pagination added to the Players List page

v1.3b (9/11/2007)

  • Support logs with the old filenames
  • Completely reworked database structure
  • Much faster
  • Tidier and more organized code

v1.2b (9/10/2007)

  • Support for Soldat's Kill log bugs
  • More Weapon Stats
  • Tidier code in certain areas
  • Various Optimizations

v1.1b (9/9/2007)

  • Weapon Stats
  • Weapon Stats for each player
  • Weapon Images
  • Tidier code
  • Various Optimizations